June 23, 2024

Zero click spyware

  • According to research by Microsoft and Citizen Lab, spyware developed by Israeli company has been used against journalists, opposition figures and advocacy organizations across at least 10 countries.
  • Spyware developed by QuaDream is a no-interaction-needed hacking tool, known as “Zero-Click”.
  • Zero-Click tools can remotely compromise devices without an owner needing to open a malicious link or download a tainted attachment.
  • Zero-click attacks often rely on zero-days, which are vulnerabilities that are unknown to the software maker and for which no fix is presently available.
    • Earlier, Pegasus was also such a spyware.
  • Zero-click attacks are hard to detect given their nature and hence even harder to prevent.
  • Detection becomes even harder in encrypted environments where there is no visibility on the data packets being sent or received.


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