April 1, 2023

Indian Society

Syllabus: General Studies Paper 1 The atmosphere of religious intolerance which has seen a sharp rise in the last several years has been a serious cause for concern in the country. India is the beloved home for practitioners of all major religions in the world. Indian culture accepts diversity of faiths and beliefs. Religious harmony and social cohesion are two core elements for progress and development. As per Pew Research Survey 2021, Indians of diverse religious backgrounds overwhelmingly say they are very free to practice their faiths But there is growing intolerance towards diverse religions leading to communal violence and ripples in social harmony. Instances of intolerance....Read More

Syllabus: General Studies Paper 1 UN Habitat has identified various pressing issues posing challenges for urban planners of Jaipur City. Issues highlighted include: Rapid expansion of cities. Weak urban mobility. Extreme levels of drought during summer and also urban floods.  Recommendations: Increase the green cover, strengthen urban biodiversity, and thereby enhance the quality of life for citizens. Implement the idea of a compact city with re-development and re-densification of the existing urban areas. To curb development on the city’s outskirts, link the distance from the main city to the development charges imposed on citizens. Eco-trails with plantations along natural drainage channels and railway....Read More

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