June 12, 2024


In the 75th year of partnership of UNICEF with India, Kareena Kapoor Khan appointed as the organization’s National Ambassador. Kareena Kapoor Khan will support UNICEF India in furthering every child’s right to early childhood development, health, education and gender equality. She has been an instrumental support in several UNICEF’s global campaigns on #EveryChildRights. UNICEF India also announced the appointment of its first ever Youth Advocates (16 to 24 years), who are peer leaders and champions on issues like climate action, mental health, innovations and Girls in ABOUT UNICEF The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) was established in 1946....Read More

A Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court directed in a landmark judgment that Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) and Election Commissioners (ECs) will be appointed by the President on the advice tendered by a committee of the Prime Minister, Leader of Opposition (LoP) in the Lok Sabha and the Chief Justice of India (CJI). The judgment has now brought the appointment process of Chief Election Commissioners and Election Commissioners on par with that of the CBI Director. The move is aimed at insulating the appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) and election commissioners from the Executive's interference. Chief Election Commissioners....Read More

The 4th edition of National Youth Parliament Festival (NYPF) commenced in the Central Hall of Parliament recently. It is based on the theme: “Ideas for a Better tomorrow: India for the World”. More than 2.01 Lakh youth from 748 Districts of all States and UTs participated at 150 venues across the country. Objective: To hear the voice of youth in this age bracket of 18-25 who are allowed to vote but cannot contest in elections. To encourage the youth to engage with public issues, understand the common man’s point of view, form their opinion and express these in an articulate....Read More

Two Australian universities will be establishing campuses in the GIFT City in Gujarat. The partnership with Australia will provide accessibility, affordability, and quality of education for youngsters. The two universities, both public, are Deakin University and Wollongong University. These are the first two foreign varsities to be setting up their campuses in GIFT (Gujarat International Finance Tec) City. The two universities will sign an agreement on setting up their campuses during Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s maiden visit to India next week.Read More

Anti- Defection law

SC has observed that for application of anti-defection law, it does not matter whether rival group is the minority or majority within the political party if their acts amount to defection. About Anti-Defection law: It was added by the 52nd Amendment in 1985 that also inserted Tenth Schedule to the Constitution (grounds of defection). A member of a House becomes disqualified if: He voluntarily gives up his membership of such political party; or He votes/abstains from voting contrary to any direction issued by his political party and such act has not been condoned by the bnparty within 15 days. An....Read More

Security Covers

The Supreme Court has directed to provide the Z+ security cover to Reliance Industries CMD Mukesh Ambani and his family members throughout India and abroad. There are mainly six categories of security cover provided by Government SPG (Special Protection Group) is meant only for the Prime Minister and his immediate family. Other protection categories can be provided to anyone about whom the central or state government has inputs about a threat. X category security usually entails one gunman protecting the individual. Y has one gunman for mobile security and one (plus four on rotation) for static security. Y+ has two....Read More

The Irinjadappilly Sree Krishna Temple in Kerala‘s Thrissur district has become the first in the country to use a mechanical, lifelike elephant for temple rituals. The temple priests performed ‘Nadayiruthal’ or ceremonial offering to the deity, of Irinjadappilly Raman, a magnificent, lifelike mechanical or “robotic” elephant. Irinjadappilly Raman’ will help conduct ceremonies at the temple in a safe and cruelty-free manner and thereby support real elephants’ rehabilitation in forests.Read More

Discovered by Australian National University seismologists, the new layer is a solid metallic ball is deep inside inner core of Earth, dubbed as “innermost inner core”. It is solid due to high pressure deep within the Earth that stops iron alloy from melting. It is a crystallized structure within inner core’s innermost region that is different from outer layer. First hypothesised about 20 years ago, it was identified through data gathered from seismic waves caused by earthquakes. So far, four layers of Earth's structure had been identified. These include: Crust: Topmost or outermost layer of earth which makes up 1%....Read More

Amazon to Join ONDC.

Amazon has announced that it will join the Indian government’s ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) platform. In 2022, Microsoft became the first big technology company to join the network with an intention of introducing group buying in the Indian market through social e-commerce. ONDC is an open e-commerce protocol set up by the Ministry of Commerce’s Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT). Under ONDC, it is envisaged that a buyer registered on one participating e-commerce site may purchase goods from a seller on another participating e-commerce site. Presently, buyers and sellers have to be on the....Read More

Mad Cow Disease

Recently, Brazil has halted its beef exports to China after a case of Mad Cow Disease was confirmed in the northern state of Para. About Mad Cow Disease Also known as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) is degenerative, transmissible, slowly progressive, and a fatal infection that affects the central nervous system of adult cattle. Causes: BSE is caused by a protein called a prion normally found on cell surfaces, the normal prion protein changes into an abnormal prion protein that is harmful. After getting altered, these proteins destroy the nervous system tissue- the brain and spinal cord. The body of a....Read More

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