May 26, 2024


CPD57 Side Event

3 Elected Women Representatives of Panchayati Raj Institutions participated in CPD57 Side Event “Localizing the SDGs: Women in Local Governance in India Lead the Way” held in New York on 3rd May 2024. The Side Event was organized as a part of the fifty-seventh session of the United Nations Commission on Population and Development (CPD57). Three iconic women of Panchayat were: Supriya Das Datta from Tripura, Smt. Kunuku Hema Kumari from Andhra Pradesh and Smt. Neeru Yadav from Rajasthan. They shared their experiences and innovations in local governance and advancing the Localization of SDGs in many thematic areas. They also....Read More

Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI) has appointed A Ganesh Kumar and Debasis Kundu as members of the National Statistical Commission, which is mandated to strengthen the country's statistical system and firm up surveys to be undertaken to provide administrative statistics. The appointments will take the panel's strength to the mandated five, including its chairman. The Commission has a part-time Chairperson, four part-time Members and an ex-officio Member. The National Statistical Commission was set up in 2005 on the recommendations of a panel headed by former RBI governor C Rangarajan, with an objective to provide "strategic direction and leadership....Read More

Shane Watson, the talented Australian all-rounder, has recently launched the book titled "The Winner's Mindset". While the book is not an autobiography in the traditional sense, it serves as a powerful self-help guide, offering readers a glimpse into the mindset that propels individuals to success.Read More

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee have reported the discovery of fossils of one of the largest snakes that ever existed and likely lived 47 million years ago during a period called the Middle Eocene. The fossils were found in Kutch, Gujarat, and the reptile, named Vasuki Indicus, could have been anywhere between 11m (36ft) and 15m (49.22ft) in length, or as big as a modern-day school bus. It belonged to the now-extinct Madtsoiidae snake family but represents a unique lineage from India. Professor Sunil Bajpai and post-doctoral researcher Debajit Datta at the IIT Roorkee, stumbled upon....Read More

The trailer and song launch of the first Hindi film on this subject, “IRAH,” took place in Mumbai. The movie features Rohit Bose Roy, Rajesh Sharma, Karishma Kotak, and Rakshith Bhandarry in prominent roles. The movie is Produced by Big Films Media and directed by Sam Bhattacharjee. The film is set to release nationwide in theaters on April 4th through Iamplex Digital Theatrical Distribution. The trailer of the film “IRAH” showcases the misuse of AI technology, shedding light on its negative aspects.Read More

Two years after his dramatic ouster from office by a popular people’s movement, Sri Lanka’s former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has sought to defend his tainted regime, by launching a book titled ‘The Conspiracy to oust me from the Presidency’. The book attributes his political downfall to a “conspiracy” involving foreign and local parties.Read More

1. Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Singh Thakur has released a book titled Israel War Diary. It has been written by Vishal Pandey, Chief Special Correspondent of Zee News. Vishal Pandey offered poignant insights into the inspiration behind the book and shared personal anecdotes from his experiences as a frontline journalist covering the Israel-Hamas conflict.Read More

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) celebrated its 19th Foundation Day on 12th March, 2024 at Jacaranda Hall, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi. ABOUT NCPCR National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) is a statutory body. It was established in March 2007 under an Act of Parliament (December 2005) under the Commission for Protection of Child Rights Act, 2005. The commission's mandate is to ensure that all laws, policies, programs and administrative systems conform to the vision of the rights of the child as enunciated in the Constitution of India as well as the United Nations....Read More

World Poverty Clock

India has managed to bring down ‘extreme poverty’ below 3 per cent of its population, latest data on the World Poverty Clock showed. ABOUT WORLD POVERTY CLOCK The World Poverty Clock provides real-time poverty estimates through 2030 for nearly every country in the world. It monitors progress against Ending Extreme Poverty, which is the UN’s first SDG. The escape rate calculates the current rate of poverty reduction in the world. Funded by- The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany. The Clock shows the number of people living in extreme....Read More

Lakshmi Murdeshwar Puri’s new book ‘Swallowing the Sun’ was launched recently. Set during the freedom movement, Lakshmi Puri’s Swallowing the Sun is about the encounter of India’s national story with unknown individuals, the constant tussle between revolution and reform, encapsulated in the gaze of Malati, a girl from a Maharashtrian village who grows up to know the cost at which independence — for herself and her country — comes.Read More

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