May 30, 2024

India has overtaken Japan to become the world’s third-largest solar power generator in 2023, according to a report by the global energy think tank, Ember.

  • The 5th “Global Electricity Review” report published by the United Kingdom-based global think tank Ember said that India, which was ranked ninth in 2015, jumped to third position in 2023, overtaking Japan.
  • India generated 5.8% of its electricity from solar and produced a record 5.5% of global electricity in 2023.
  • India generated 113 billion units (BU) of solar power in 2023 compared to Japan’s 110 BU.
  • According to the International Energy Agency’s ‘Net Zero Emissions’ scenario, solar would increase to 22% of global electricity generation by 2030.
  • As part of its national plan to fight climate change, India has committed to achieving 50% cumulative electric power installed capacity from non-fossil fuel-based energy resources by 2030.
  • India is one of the few countries planning to triple renewable capacity by 2030.
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