May 26, 2024

Whitley awards 2021

  • Whitley Awards are called “Green Oscar”. In 2021, the Whitley Award was won by Nuklu Phom of Nagaland. He is the only Indian to receive the award.

Whitley Awards:

  • Whitley Awards are presented annually by the Whitley Fund for Nature. It is presented to recognise grass root level conservation leaders.
  • It involves process of reference, application and interview.
  • The Whitley Fund for Nature was established by Edward Whitley in 1994. It has so far given 16 million pounds to support the work of two hundred environmental heroes.

Nuklu Phom:

  • Nuklu Phom is creating “Biodiversity Peace Corridors”. The main objective is to extend the “Yaongyimchen Community Biodiversity Area”.
  • Apart from conservation of wildlife and environmental protection he also extends his works to health, education and micro finance.
  • Lemasachenlok Society was founded by him. It has worked towards sensitising the locals about the Amur Falcons. It has set up three reserves that helped to increase the number of roosting Falcons.
  • Nuklu Phom is populary known as the “Amur Falcon Man of Nagaland”.
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