May 26, 2024

Why in news ?

Recently, WHO tagged B.1.617.2 strain of coronavirus as ‘Delta’ variant, which now has further mutated. Mutated form of Delta variant is being termed as “Delta Plus” or “AY.1” variant.


  • Delta variant was identified as one of the factors of second wave of coronavirus infections in India.
  • Initial data shows that, Delta plus variant have resistance against monoclonal antibody cocktail treatment, which was recently authorised by Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) for COVID-19 treatment.

Delta plus variant

Variant B.1.617.2.1 of coronavirus is known as AY.1 which is characterized by acquisition of K417N mutation. Delta plus variant was identified in six genomes in India as of now. Health agency has also confirmed the presence of 63 genomes of Delta variant with the new K417N mutation. However, there is

no immediate cause for concern since prevalence of Delta plus Variant is still low in India.

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