May 29, 2024
  • Vaishakh Buddha Purnima is being celebrated on 5th May.
  • It is sacred day for Buddhists as it marks the three main events of Lord Buddha’s lifeBirth, Enlightenment, and Mahaparinirvana.
  • Lord Buddha was born as Prince Siddhartha Gautama on the full moon day in 563 BC at Lumbini in Nepal.
  • In Hinduism, Buddha is considered as the ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu.
  • His birth anniversary is also known as Vaisakhi Buddha Purnima or Vesak.
  • This day is commemorated by Buddhists and Hindus all over the world and is a major festival in countries like India, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Thailand, Tibet, China, Korea, Laos, Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.
  • Since 1999 it has also been recognized by United Nations (UN) as ‘UN Day of Vesak’.
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