December 10, 2023

Why in news ?

United States military has left Afghanistan’s Bagram airfield after nearly two decades.


  • Bagram airfield was the site of several military encounters and an epicenter of US ‘war on terror’ in Afghanistan in the backdrop of 9/11 terror attacks.
  • Bagram airfield has now been handed over to Afghan National Security and Defense Force.
  • This airbase has been the site of US military’s war against Taliban and al-Qaida terrorist outfits.
  • It remained staffed by 455th Air Expeditionary Wing of US Force.
  • It has been used as a base by rotating units of US Army, Navy, and Marine Corps also used the airfield as a base.
  • Background

US president Joe Biden had promised for withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan completely by September 11. Current withdrawal of 2,500-3,500 US troops from Bagram airbase is an indication of the follow-up on that promise. Now, United States harbours around 6,500 troops in Afghanistan to protect American embassy in Kabul. However, they have not yet divulged when last US soldier will leave Afghanistan for security reasons.

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