December 10, 2023


The Union Ministry for Science & Technology has released “Biotech-PRIDE (Promotion of Research and Innovation through Data Exchange) Guidelines”.

About Biotech-PRIDE Guidelines:

  • The Biotech-PRIDE Guidelines have been developed by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT).
  • Aim: The guidelines are aimed at providing a well-defined framework and guiding principle to facilitate and enable sharing and exchange of biological knowledge, information and data.
  • Implementation: The guidelines will be implemented through the Indian Biological Data Centre (IBDC).
  • Significance: The exchange of information will help in promoting research and innovation in different research groups across the country.

About BioGrid:                          

  • Bio-Grid will be a national repository for biological knowledge, information and data and will be responsible for enabling its exchange, developing measures for safety, standards and quality for datasets and establishing detailed modalities for accessing data.

About Indian Biological Data Center (IBDC):

  • The Indian Biological Data Centre (IBDC) is the first national repository for life science data in India.
  • Purpose: IBDC is mandated to archive all life science data generated from publicly funded research in India.
  • Supported by: The data centre is supported by the Government of India (GOI) through the Department of Biotechnology (DBT).
  • Location: It is being established at the Regional Centre of Biotechnology (RCB), Faridabad
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