Transition Bonds

  • To facilitate transparency and informed decision-making among the investors, markets regulator SEBI recently mandated additional requirements for the issuance and listing of transition bonds.
    • The issuer of transition bonds will have to use a denotation ‘GB-T’.
    • The transition plan should contain the details of interim targets, along with an indicative timeline for achieving the targets.
    • The interim targets should also reflect the indicative figure regarding how much emissions the issuer is envisaging to reduce.

About Transition Bonds

  • Transition bond is a class of debt instruments, the proceeds of which are used to fund a firm’s transition towards a reduced environmental impact or to reduce their carbon emissions.
  • Unlike green bonds that are earmarked to raise money for climate and environmental projects solely , transition bonds can be issued by firms aspiring to reduce their GHG emissions.
  • The money can be used for activities that reduce the environmental impact of the business, such as carbon capture and storage, decommissioning coal plants, waste-to-energy, or exclusively financing new and/or existing eligible transition projects.
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