• Poothan and Thira’ is an ancient folk dance was performed during celebration of Thiramahotsavam in Thrissur district, Kerala.
  • Poothan and Thira are usually performed every year during the Pooram festival.
  • According to mythology, Thira and Poothan are the lieutenants of Lord Siva who were sent along with Goddess Kali to kill the demon king Darika.
    • After slaying the demon, Thira and Poothan danced along with Kali to celebrate their victory.
  • This dance form is usually performed by people belonging to Mannan and Perumannan
  • Artistes clad in vibrant costumes, simple makeup and huge semi-circular headgear that is made of intricately carved wooden pieces perform the Thira, and this dance is a true delight to watch.
  • The main musical instrument used is Para (a percussion instrument).
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