Thermobaric Bomb

  • Human rights group accused Myanmar’s military of using thermobaric bomb.
  • Thermobaric weapons — also known as aerosol bombs, fuel air explosives, or vaccum bombs — use oxygen from the air for a large, high-temperature blast.
    • A thermobaric weapon causes significantly greater devastation than a conventional bomb of comparable size.
  • A thermobaric bomb consists of a fuel container with two separate explosive charges.
  • When it hits its target, first explosive charge opens the container and widely scatters fuel mixture as a cloud.
  • A second charge then detonates the cloud, resulting in a huge fireball, a massive blast wave and a vacuum which sucks up all surrounding oxygen.
  • These can be fired as rockets from tank-mounted launchers or dropped from aircraft.
  • There are no international laws specifically banning their use.
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