December 8, 2023

Tauktae Cyclone

Tauktae Cyclone is the first cyclone in 2021 in India. The Kerala Government has issued “Red Alert”.

This name has been given by Myanmar and it means ‘gecko’.

  • The warm and moist air in the ocean rises up. As more and more air rises up, it leaves less air. This creates an area of low pressure. The pressure around this area is high. The air from the surrounding areas pushes into the low-pressure area. Now this air gets warmed up and rises. The cycle continues.
  • As the warm air rises up it cools and condenses into clouds. The whole system of wind and clouds spins and grows. This is aided by the ocean heat and evaporating water.
  • As the system rotates faster and faster, an eye is formed at the centre. The eye is clear and calm.
  • When the system rotates at 63 kilometre per hour, it is called “Tropical Storm”. When the wind speed reaches 119 kilometre per hour it is called tropical cyclone or hurricane.
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