March 31, 2023
  • The Bihar government had recently launched the caste survey which aims to compile data on each family digitally through a mobile application from the panchayat to the district level.
  • However, pleas were submitted to quash the notification on the ground that the caste-based census”violated the basic structure of the Constitution”
  • SC refused to entertain the petitions and asked the petitioners to approach the high court.

About Caste Census

  • Caste Census is the caste-wise tabulation of population in the census exercise.
  • Caste was included as a parameter in Census data only during the 1931 Census.
  • Ever since independence, the Census had only the data related to SC and ST populations.
  • Caste Census is under the administrative control of Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Earlier in 2011 attempt was made towards Caste Census by conducting the Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC).
  • Rohini Commission was another attempt by categorization within OBCs for better targeted service delivery.
  • Need for Caste Census
    • Obsolete data as the data is nearly 8 decades old.
    • Hindrance to sub categorisation of OBCs as denoted by Rohini Commission.
    • To have sufficient data for Govt policy making.
    • To provide equitable representation to all castes.
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