April 2, 2023
  • Active Case Finding (ACF) campaign: Under ACF, approximately 16,000 ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activists) and Anganwadi workers went door-to-door to collect health information of every individual residing in the State (approximately 70,00,000) after the State-wide curfew was implemented. This data was shared with the Department of Health and individuals who showed Influenza-likesymptoms were then tested for coronavirus.
  • Inter-state and Intra-state movement was suspended. Movement of essential goods was permitted and regulated.
  • Masks and hand sanitizer were put in the essential commodities list.
  • State Government installed a COVID-19 helpline number (104).
  • Dedicated COVID-19 Care Centres (DCCCs) were created for the quarantine of all international passengers, interstate travellers, and contacts, who did not have a facility for quarantine at home as per guidelines. COVID-19 hospitals were designated for the management of symptomatic patients.
  • Physical distancing was maintained to avoid spread of virus from infected people. For this purpose, all social, cultural, sports, political, religious, academic, family mass gatherings of any kind for any purpose were banned in the State.
  • The State Surveillance Unit was notified as a competent authority for surveillance, prevention and control measures of epidemicprone diseases in the State. Similarly, the District Surveillance Unit was also notified.
  • Curfew e-passes were issued on WhatsApp for movement of people and essential goods in the State.
  • Curfew timings were relaxed for buying essential items.
  • Families in the State under the National Food Security Act (NFSA) were given quota of food grains for two months in April itself on a priority basis.
  • Social security pension for widows and physically challenged people was increased to `1,000 per month.
  • State Government has released total Grant/ Equity/Subsidy amounting to ` 570.00 crore to the Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) in addition to
  • the budgeted grant for the current year, `258.00 crores over and above the budgetary provisions.
  • Energy Demand Charges deferred for six months to the Industries and hotels in which `35.00 crore has been spent.
  • Industries and hotels have been charged domestic rate of water supply for 6 months at cost of approximately `1.00 crore.
  • State Government has transferred `2000 per month from April to June 2020 in the accounts of 1.26 lakh workers registered under the Building and Construction Workers Welfare Board.
  • Total benefit released was `75.00 crore approximately. In addition, the board has also provided support to the registered workers towards health needs, marriage and education of their children for which a sum of `7.33 crore was released.
  • Financial assistance @ ` 2000 per fisherman (Total `1.07 crore) to 5,350 registered Fishermen of Govind Sagar, Koldam, Ranjeet Sagar, Chamera and Pong Dam Reservoirs has been transferred.
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