Sewri Fort

  • Sewri Fort will get flamingo-viewing gallery as part of its makeover in Mumbai.

About Sewri fort

  • It is a fort in Mumbai built by British in 1680 at Sewri, Island of Parcel.
  • It was served as watch tower, atop a quarried hill overlooking the Mumbai Harbour.
  • In 1689, The Siddi general Yadi Sakat invaded Mumbai and they first captured the Sewri Fort.
    • The Siddhis were allies of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.
  • It had a garrison of 50 sepoys and was managed by a subedar or local chief. It was also armed with eight to ten cannons.
  • This fort is later also involved in the battle that repelled The Portuguese attack in 1772.
  • It was later used as a jail, but today it stands neglected in many parts.
  • Still, parts of the fort have been protected by the state’s department of archaeology and museums.
  • It serves as the site of the annual Flamingo Festival.


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