June 12, 2024

Why in news ?

  • Social Justice and Empowerment Minister, Thaawar chand Gehlot, will launch senior care Ageing Growth Engine or SAGE project on June 4, 2021.


What is SAGE project?

  • SAGE project will be launched to select, support and create “one-stop access” of elderly care products and services provided by credible start-ups.
  • Project was formulated following the recommendations of empowered expert committee report on start-ups for elderly.
  • Once the project is launched, start-ups can apply to be a part of it through dedicated portal. This dedicated portal will also be launched along with the scheme.

How start-ups will be selected?

  • Start-ups will be selected based on their innovative products and services, which they can provide across sectors like housing, health and care centres. They will also be selected based on technological access linked to finances, food & wealth management besides legal guidance.

Who will facilitate the scheme?

  • Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment will be the facilitator to enable elderly to access products through these identified and verified start-ups.
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