May 26, 2024

Why in News ?

Union Agriculture Minister, Narendra Singh Tomar, launched a seed Minikit programme by distributing high-yielding varieties seeds of oilseeds and pulses to farmers.

About Seed Minikit Programme

  • This programme was launched as a major tool to introduce new varieties of seeds in fields.
  • It will also help in increasing the seed replacement rate.
  • Under the programme, Mini-kits are being provided by NAFED, National Seeds Corporation (NCS), and Gujarat State Seeds Corporation.
  • It is completely funded by government through National Food Security Mission.

Distribution of seed minikits

  • Under the mission distribution of seeds will continue till June 15, 2021. Thus, farmers will get seeds before commencement of Kharif sowing season.
  • About 20,27,318 seed minikits of pulses, 74000 minikits of groundnut and 8 lakh for soybean will be provided free of cost to the farmers directly under National Food Security Mission.

Focus of the programme

  • This mission was launched to increase production of oilseeds and pulses.
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