June 23, 2024

Sanjeevani Project

  • Himachal Pradesh’s economy is largely banking on agriculture and animal husbandry. With a livestock population of about 4.41 million, their care is an essential part of every rural household.
  • The state government has initiated a project named Sanjeevani in this regard.
  • The project aims to enhance the lives of farmers by providing them with convenient and high-quality livestock care services at their doorstep, utilizing telemedicine and technology.
  • This will aid in reducing the turnaround time for services and potentially prevent outbreaks.
  • The Animal Husbandry Department of Himachal Pradesh has collaborated with Bharat Financial Inclusion Ltd. (BFIL), a subsidiary of IndusInd Bank, for the National Animal Disease Control Programme-Mobile Veterinary Van (NADCP-AHD-MVU) project.
  • The collaboration aims to provide doorstep livestock care through a toll-free telephone number that will be operational soon.
  • The project intends to ensure the timely delivery of quality treatment to livestock, saving farmers the additional expenses of traveling for availing veterinary services like artificial insemination, medicines, vaccination, surgery, and infertility testing.
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