May 25, 2024


  • French President has asked for forgiveness for his country’s role in the Rwanda Genocide, 1994.

About Rwanda Genocide, 1994:

  • The “Rwandan Genocide” refers to the 1994 mass slaughter in Rwanda. It was of the ethnic Tutsi by members of the Hutu majority government.
  • The killings began in early 1994 and continued for approximately 100 days. As per a few estimations, there was killing of more than 800,000 Rwandans during that period.

What role did France play during the Rwanda Genocide 1994?

  • During the genocide, France was accused. It was for acting as a staunch ally of the Hutu-led government that ordered the killings.
  • In 1994, France deployed an UN-backed military force in Rwanda called Operation Turquoise– which was able to save some people. However, it was accused of sheltering some of the genocide’s perpetrators
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