December 10, 2023


Why in News ?

Office of Principal Scientific Adviser to Government has initiated ”Project O2 for India” with the aim of ensuring supply of critical raw materials like zeolites, Manufacturing of compressors and setting up of small oxygen plants.


This project was initiated in aftermath of second wave of COVID-19 which witnessed an increase in demand for medical oxygen across the country. Thus, it is important to meet the current demand as well as manufacture medical oxygen to ensure adequate supply of oxygen for future needs.

About Project O2 for India

This project has been launched by office of Principal Scientific Adviser to enable stakeholders who are working to augment India’s ability to meet surge in demand for medical oxygen. Under the project, a National Consortium of Oxygen will be set up which would enable adequate national level supply of critical raw materials like zeolites. It would also set up small oxygen plants, manufacture compressors and final products like oxygen plants, concentrators & ventilators. Consortium will look forward to provide immediate short-term relief as well as work to strengthen manufacturing ecosystem in long-term.

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