April 23, 2024

Project Chambyal

  • Many artists and craftsmen specialising in Chamba “rumal”, “thal”, “chappal”, miniature painting, sculpture, wood and stone art continue to earn their livelihood through traditional crafts, thereby preserving the glorious traditions of the region.
  • To preserve and promote the rich art and culture of Chamba, the district administration has started the “Chambyal” project.
  • Art and craft societies have been registered to give practical shape to the project.
  • Famous art products of the district like Chamba “rumal” and Chamba “chappal” have received the Geographical Indication (GI) tag under the GI Act, 1999.
  • On the initiative of the district administration, the Himachal Pradesh Patent Information Centre, Shimla, has completed the process under the GI tag for Chamba metal craft as well.
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