May 29, 2024


  • Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, launched a PM-CARES for Children scheme for children orphaned due to COVID-19. As per data, about 577 children have lost their parents till date.
    • About PM-CARES for Children scheme
  • Children who lost either parents or surviving parents or legal guardians or adoptive parents due to COVID-19 disease, will be supported through the PM-CARES fund.
  • Under the PM-CARES scheme, contributions will be made through the PM CARES Fund till they attain the age of 18 years. Contribution will help in creating a corpus of Rs 10 lakh for them
  • They will be given a monthly stipend for five years starting from 18 years till 23 years to fulfil their personal requirements.
  • After they attain 23 years of age, they will be given a full amount of Rs 10 lakh to use it professionally or personally.
  • Scheme will ensure free education for such kids by giving them admissions in nearest Kendriya Vidyalayas or private schools fees for which will be given from the PM CARES fund.
  • Provisions are there for educating kids between 11 to 18 years in residential schools like Sainik Schools and Navodaya Vidyalayas.
  • All expenditure concerned with child’s education such as expenditure on notebooks, textbooks and uniform will be made through the PM CARES Fund.
  • Students going for higher education will be given education loans for which PM CARES will pay interest and scholarships.
  • They will also be enrolled under Ayushman Bharat Scheme to provide them health insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh till 18 years. Premium will be made by the PM CARES Fund.
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