May 30, 2024

Uttarakhand CM Dhami launches ‘Pirul Lao-Paise Pao’ campaign to prevent forest fires in state.

  • Under this campaign, to prevent forest fires the Pirul (leaves of the Pine Tree) lying in the forest will be collected by the local villagers and youth, weighed and then stored at the designated Pirul Collection Centre.
  • According to the weight, at the rate of Rs 50 per kg the amount will be immediately sent online to the bank account of that person.
  • This mission will be operated by the Pollution Control Board for which a corpus fund of Rs 50 crores.
  • It will also help in controlling pollution.
  • Pirul collection centres will be opened by the Tehsildar in their respective areas under the supervision of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate.


  • Indian Air Force Deploying its Mi17 V5 helicopters to undertake Bambi Bucket operations to provide relief.
  • These helicopters efficiently transported and released over 4,500 liters of water over the affected areas.
  • This crucial effort made in close coordination with the Uttarakhand government to control fire.


  • “Pirul” is a local term in Uttarakhand for products made from pine needles of Pine Trees, also locally called Chid Trees.
  • Pine needles are acidic, have little use, and fall in large quantities that take a long time to decompose.


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