May 25, 2024

Why in News ?

  • Film Division is organising an online festival on environment called “Oasis of hope” on the occasion of World Environment Day 2021.

About Oasis of Hope Festival

  • Oasis of hope festival will be organised on 5thand 6th June 2021 to mark the importance of world environment day (WED). It will celebrate the spirit of key words of WED namely, “REIMAGINE, RECREATE, RESTORE”. This 2-day festival will showcase films giving strong message on reviving environment and reimagining nature’s co-existence. It will also suggest several ways to restore inseparable relationship of human being and nature. Streaming will be done on Films Division website and Youtube channel.

Green Package

Films under ‘green package’ include:

  1. Jungle Man Loiyaa– It highlights story of Loiya Ngamba who is a nature lover from Manipur. Movie is a story of reorienting man’s relationship with nature.
  2. Living the Natural Way– This movie is about Mishing tribes from small Brahmaputra Island and highlights how changing climate & environment has shattered their traditional way of living.
  3. My Son Neo– This movie is about, how a five-year-old boy grows up amidst natural environment.
  4. Plastic World– this animated movie portrays vast and arid dystopian landscape of future, covered in plastic waste and alerts over hazardous effects of plastic.
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