• The Indian Astronomical Observatory (IAO) above Mount Saraswati captured a rare phenomenon as a geomagnetic storm struck Earth’s magnetic field, creating unique auroras.
    • This was the first time that the aurora was captured on camera in India by the Indian Astronomical Observatory.
  • The 360-degree camera atop the IAO in Hanle ,Ladakh captured the mysterious phenomenon, which is triggered by an interaction between the plasma particles hurled by the Sun and Earth’s magnetic field.
  • The auroras are normally seen at higher latitudes in parts of Alaska, Norway, and other countries.

About Auroras

  • Charged particles ejected from Sun’s corona create solar wind.
    • When that wind slams into Earth’s ionosphere, the aurora is born.
  • In the Northern Hemisphere, the phenomenon is called the northern lights (aurora borealis), while in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s called the southern lights (aurora australis).
  • The hemispheric asymmetry of the aurora is due in part to the sun’s magnetic field interfering with Earth’s magnetic field.
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