• NTRO recently informed about an information-stealing malware, known as Raccoon Stealer to eight central government entities.
  • It is usually delivered through email, and retrieves sensitive data from infected machines.

About National Technical Research Organisation

  • NTRO was established in 2004, post Kargil war as a dedicated technical intelligence agency, on the recommendations of Girish Chanda Saxena
  • It is a technical intelligence agency under National Security Adviser in Prime Minister’s Office, India.
  • It also includes the National Institute of Cryptology Research and Development (NICRD).
  • It has the right to lawfully intercept and monitor communications
  • It has been brought under The Intelligence Organisations (Restriction of Rights) Act, 1985.
    • The Act prevents employees of a notified agency from forming unions/associations, puts restrictions on the employee’s freedom of speech, bars any communication with the press, or publishing a book or other document without the permission of the head of the intelligence organisation.


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