December 8, 2023


Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has informed Rajya Sabha about National Innovations in Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA).

About NICRA:

  • National Innovations in Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) is a network project of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) launched in February 2011. 
  • Aim: The project aims to enhance the resilience of Indian agriculture to climate change and climate vulnerability through strategic research and technology demonstration. 
  • The research on adaptation and mitigation covers crops, livestock, fisheries and natural resource management.

Objectives of NICRA:

  • To enhance the resilience of Indian agriculture covering crops, livestock and fisheries to climatic variability and climate change through the development and application of improved production and risk management technologies.
  • To demonstrate site specific technology packages on farmers’ fields for adapting to current climate risks
  • To enhance the capacity building of scientists and other stakeholders in climate resilient agricultural research and its application.

Components: The Project is composed of Four Components:

  • Strategic research on adaptation and mitigation
  • Technology demonstration on farmers fields to cope with current climate variability
  • Sponsored and competitive research grants to fill critical research gaps
  • Capacity building of different stakeholders
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