July 24, 2024


Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched National Hydrogen Mission on August 15, 2021 from Lal Quila on the occasion of celebration of 75th Independence Day. This mission was launched to push for energy security of India.


  • This mission was announced in the backdrop of India spending Rs 12 trillion annually to meet its energy needs.
  • The mission seeks to make India a global hub for green hydrogen production and exports.
  • India currently imports 85% of its oil and 53% of its gas demand.
  • On the occasion, pm stressed that, for India to progress and become self-reliant, it becomes important to become energy independent.
  • In the line, India is considering to make it mandatory for fertilizer plants and oil refineries to buy green hydrogen under its plans to cut dependence on fossil fuels.

How Green Hydrogen is produced?

Green hydrogen is produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen with the help of electrolyzer which is powered by electricity from renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

Green Hydrogen Consumption Obligation (GHCO)

Government of India has also planned to implement Green Hydrogen Consumption Obligation (GHCO) in fertilizer production and petroleum refining. It is similar to renewable purchase obligations (RPO) that require electricity distribution companies to buy a fixed amount of renewable energy. It helps to cut reliance on fossil fuels.

Hydrogen Demand in India

Total hydrogen demand in India is 6.7 million tonnes currently. It is expected to increase to 11.7 million tonnes (mt) by 2029-30.

About Hydrogen

It is a colourless, odourless gas found in Earth’s atmosphere. It is used for industrial uses like petroleum refining, manufacturing of chemicals, steel, & ammonia fertilisers and aerospace applications.

How it is extracted?

Hydrogen is extracted through two methods for Industrial purposes, namely, gasification of coal or through steam methane reformation (SMR). In SMR, methane from natural gas is heated with steam to produce carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which is used as fuel. However, these methods aren’t carbon-friendly and cause vast emissions of greenhouse gasses. Hydrogen produced from this method is called as brown hydrogen. While the Green hydrogen is extracted without releasing any emissions at all.

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