February 28, 2024
  • Microsoft has launched first ever “Asia Pacific Public Sector Cyber Security Executive Council”. It was launched with the aim of building strong communications channel to address cyber threats and to share best practices among participating countries.
  • Asia-pacific cybersecurity Council: Cybersecurity Council comprises of policy makers and influencers from countries like Indonesia, Korea, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand. It is supported by cybersecurity professionals. Council was set up with the aim of accelerating public-private partnerships in cybersecurity, and share threat intelligence.
  • Council was set up to build strong coalition and to strengthen cyber security defense. It was launched in the view that; these countries experience higher-than-average encounter rate of malware and ransomware attacks. They experience 1.6 times higher malware attacks and 1.7 times higher ransomware attacks as compared to other countries.


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