May 29, 2024

Khasi tribe

  • Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) order not to issue a Scheduled Tribe (ST) certificate to any Khasi person who adopts the surname of her or his father has triggered a war of words in matrilineal Meghalaya.


  • The Khasis, numbering about 1.39 lakh, are one of the three indigenous matrilineal communities in the Meghalaya.
    • The other two are Garos and Jaintias.
  • Khasi traditions-
    • Khasis follow a matrilineal system of inheritance and youngest daughter or “Ka Khadduh” inherits the property.
    • After marriage, husbands live in the mother-in-law’s home.
    • The mother’s surname is taken by children.
    • The birth of a girl is celebrated while the birth of a son is simply accepted.
    • There is no social stigma attributed to a woman remarrying or giving birth out of wedlock as the “Khasi Social Custom Lineage Act” gives security to them.
    • Child care is the responsibility of mothers or mothers-in-law.
  • Khasis are now mostly Christians but before that, they believed in a Supreme Being, The CreatorU Blei Nongthaw.
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