September 26, 2023

Jagannath Puri Yatra

  • Jagannath Puri Yatra begun recently.
  • Also known as the ‘Festival of Chariots’, this occasion begins in the month of Ashadha.
  • The festival signifies the annual visit of Lord Jagannath, Balaram, and Subhadra to the Gundicha temple in Odisha.
  • Every year, the Rath Yatra takes place for nine days and is known as the biggest chariot procession globally.
  • The three chariots carrying the deities are built and embellished in preparation to begin the yatra
  • These are constructed by expert carpenters known as ‘Maharana’.
  • Each of the chariots has its own name.
    • While Lord Jagannath’s chariot is called Nandighosh, Lord Balabhadra, and Devi Subhadra’s chariots are named Taladhwaja and Darpadalana respectively.
    • These raths are carried by devotees


  • The temple is believed to be constructed in the 12th century by King Anatavarman Chodaganga Deva of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty.
  • Main temple is constructed, in Kalinga architecture, in such a way that no shadow of temple falls on ground at any time of the day.
  • Jagannath Puri temple is called ‘Yamanika Tirtha’ where, according to Hindu beliefs, the power of ‘Yama’, the god of death has been nullified in Puri due to the presence of Lord Jagannath.
  • This temple was called the “White Pagoda” and is a part of Char Dham pilgrimages (Badrinath, Dwaraka, Puri, Rameswaram).
  • There are four gates to the temple
    • Eastern ‘Singhdwara’ which is the main gate with two crouching lions,
    • Southern ‘Ashwadwara’,
    • Western ‘Vyaghra Dwara and
    • Northern ‘Hastidwara’.
    • There is a carving of each form at each gate.
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