June 23, 2024

Iron Dome of Israel

On May 11, 2021, a video showing rockets fired by Hamas in Gaza targeting Israel can be seen being intercepted or blocked by the Israeli Iron Dome Air defence system. To the viewer, it appears that the rockets were hitting an invisible shield.

What is Iron Dome?
  • It is an air defence system.
  • It neutralizes any missiles or rockets.
  • It is a short-range ground air-to-air defence system.
  • It is used to counter rockets, mortars, aircraft, helicopters, mortars artillery and unmanned vehicles.
Origin of Iron Dome

In 2006, during the Israeli-Lebanon war, Hezbollah fired thousands of rockets in to Israel. Following this, Israel announced that the Rafael Advance System run by the Government of Israel will develop an air defence system to protect its people and cities. Thus Iron Dome was developed by Israel.

About Iron Dome
  • It was deployed in 2011.
  • According to Rafael Advance Systems, the Iron Dome has so far made more than two thousand interceptions. Its success rate is more than 90%.
  • It is capable of protecting forward operating bases, urban areas, deployed and maneuvering forces.
  • It can be used in all weather conditions. Also, it can be operated during the day and at night.
  • The cost of interceptor Tamir Missile is 80,000 USD. Its battery and full unit costs 50 million USD.
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