March 25, 2023
  • The India-Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline Project, signed in 2018 , will connect Siliguri in West Bengal in India and Parbatipur in Dinajpur district of Bangladesh.
  • The Friendship pipeline from India will start supplying diesel to Bangladesh from June.
  • The 131.5  kilometer  long pipeline has been constructed for importing diesel from India, 126.5 km of which is in Bangladesh and 5 km in India.The IBFPL project aims to facilitate the transportation of imported fuel oil and reduce its transport costs for Bangladesh
  • Pre-commissioning of Diesel Imports The pre-commissioning of diesel imports through this pipeline is currently underway.The international pipeline will carry diesel from the Siliguri based marketing terminal of the Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL) to Parbatipur depot of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC)
  • The pipeline has a capacity of one million metric tonne per annum (MMTPA) and is being built under grant assistance from the government of India.
  • It will enable fuel oil products to be exported from India’s Siliguri Marketing Terminal in West Bengal State to Bangladesh
  • Dhaka-Delhi agreement on fuel oil- According to the Dhaka-Delhi agreement, fuel oil would be transported to Bangladesh for 15 years through the pipeline in the first phase and the term would be extended on the consensus of the countries.
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