December 10, 2023

Syllabus– General Studies 3(environment)


Parliamentary panel for synergy between IMD and private players

More on the news:

  • According to the Standing Committee on Science:
    • There is a need for better synergy between the India Meteorological Department (IMD) and private forecasters.
    • To avoid confusion, especially during extreme climate events like cyclones or flash floods.
  • Currently, there are three private players in India i.e.;
    • Skymet (India),
    • Earth Networks and
    • IBM Weather.
  • In recent years, the IMD and Skymet have often made differing predictions on the monsoon.
  • In June 2021, the Kerala government, dissatisfied with the IMD’s performance, hired Skymet Private Limited, Earth Networks and the IBM Weather Company.
    • In order to use ensemble predictions to improve extreme weather alert services in the State.
    • The IMD was vociferous on the issue and said that multiple predictions often create unnecessary confusion.
  • The members of the committee also expressed that, year after year, the IMD assesses the monsoon to be normal though the actual experience is different.
  • Statistically, the monsoon may be normal in terms of the average rainfall, but most certainly the number of rainfall days had decreased.
  • There have also been far more flash floods in recent times than ever before, the members pointed out.
  • The committee also discussed:
    • The current monsoon forecast,
    • Deficit regions and States,
    • Urban heat islands,
    • Distribution of weather stations across districts, and
    • Matching meteorological sub-divisions with agro-climatic zones.

Question- How cyclone prediction can be improved by synergizing the inputs by IMD and private players?


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