May 30, 2024
  • The Geographical Indication (GI) certificate was awarded to the traditional artisans of ‘Kutch Ajrakh from the Kutch region in Gujarat.


  • It is an honored textile craft, holds deep roots in the cultural tapestry of Gujarat, particularly in the regions of Sindh, Barmer, and Kutch.
  • It is a hand-block printing on treated cotton cloth, culminating in intricate designs infused with rich symbolism and history.
    • It involves acquiring natural vegetable and mineral dyes and employing intricate resist printing and dyeing methods.
  • The villages of Dhamadka and Ajrakhpur serves strong hold of Ajrakh tradition, where artisans continue to practice old age techniques pass through generations.


  • The GI tag, a mark of authenticity and origin, provides legal protection to products, services, or arts originating from specific geographical regions
  • It is used for Agricultural products, foodstuffs, wine and spirit drinks, handicrafts, and industrial products.
  • The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is the Nodal agency for GI Tags in India.
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