• Lithium reserves were discovered on Revant hill in Degana in Rajasthan’s Nagaur district during a survey conducted by the Geological Survey of India (GSI).
  • It is believed that these reserves can meet 80% of the country’s demand.
  • These reserves contain significantly more lithium than 5.9 million tonnes found in J&K earlier.
  • India has discovered first lithium reserves in igneous rocks located in Marlagalla- Allapatna region of Karnataka’s Mandya district.

About Lithium

  • Lithium, first of alkalis in periodic table, is a non-ferrous metal.
  • It is used to make mobile-laptop, electric vehicle and other chargeable batteries.
  • It is extracted from either brines or mined rocks.
  • Due to tremendous demand for Lithium around world, it is also called White Gold.
    • According to World Bank, by year 2050, global demand for Lithium metal will increase by 500%.
  • Distribution
    • 50% of global lithium resources are located in Bolivia (maximum), Chile, and Argentina, which forms Lithium Triangle in South America.
    • Australia is global leader in lithium production.
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