June 23, 2024
  • A greater flamingo was rescued recently from Najafgarh wetland. The bird was caught in a high-tension wire and injured its wing and broke a bone.


  • It is the state bird of Gujarat.
  • Of the six species of flamingos in the world, two are found in India: the tallest of them, the greater flamingo and the smallest one, the lesser flamingo (Phoeniconaias minor).
  • Greater flamingoes are found in various regions of Africa, the southeastern parts of Asia as well as southern Europe.
    • In Asia, their distribution range includes the coastal areas of India and Pakistan.
  • They are mainly found in shallow waters of lagoons, lakes, estuaries, and muddy beaches.


  • Najafgarh Lake is fed by Sahibi River.
  • It was connected to the river Yamuna by a natural shallow nullah or drain called the Najafgarh nullah.
  • The presence of 281 bird species, including several threatened ones such as Egyptian vulture, Sarus Crane, Steppe Eagle, Greater Spotted Eagle, Imperial Eagle and those migrating along the Central Asian Flyway has been reported at the lake.
  • It is the second largest water body in Delhi-NCR after the Yamuna.
  • The Najafgarh water body which was once spread over 226 square kms has been shrinked to 7 square kms.
  • The lake is largely filled with sewage from Gurugram and surrounding villages of Delhi.
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