December 10, 2023


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced the launch of the RBI Retail Direct scheme.

About RBI Retail Direct Scheme: 

  • RBI Retail Direct Scheme is a one-stop solution to facilitate investment in government securities (G-secs) by individual investors.
  • Under the scheme, retail investors (individuals) will have the facility to open and maintain the ‘Retail Direct Gilt Account’ (RDG Account) with the RBI.
  • A gilt Account means an account opened and maintained for holding Government securities.
  • This RDG account can be opened through an online portal provided for the purpose of the scheme.
  • The online portal will then allow the registered users access to primary issuance of G-secs and access to NDS-OM (Negotiated Dealing System — Order Matching (NDS-OM).
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