February 28, 2024


Four new sports have been introduced in the Tokyo Olympics. They are karate, skateboarding, surfing and sport climbing.


Martial art, since the 1970s, has been a candidate for Olympic inclusion but the organizers never agreed to accept this sport until the Tokyo Games presented the perfect opportunity to showcase this sport from its homeland.

The three days of competition will be held at Nippon Budokan and will feature talented Kumite competitors in three weight divisions. Due to its resurgent popularity in televisions and movies, viewers are hoping to enjoy this sport.


Skateboard’s debut was done by the organizers to attract young audiences. The audience will be able to see high-flying stunts and tricks. The competitors are between 12 to 47 years.


There will be at least three days of competition spread over an eight-day period. The events will mostly be determined on the day based on surf conditions. Since the year 1995, the International Surfing Association has been lobbying for the inclusion of this sport, and it makes a debut in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Sport climbing

In recent years climbing has reached new heights and hence it makes its debut in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. In the lead discipline, Climbers scale a 15-meter wall which is filled with a variety of holds. Bouldering involves dynamic movements and in the Speed category, a race to the top is held between the participants.

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