November 30, 2023


According to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, India’s first Internet Governance Forum (IIGF) will be held for three days starting from October 20, 2021.


  • The launch of the Internet Governance Forum was announced by Anil Kumar Jain, CEO of National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI), Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, and Chairman of Coordination Committee.
  • Pre-IIGF engagement events will also start from August 2021 across colleges and universities.
  • Pre-events will be organised with the aim of engaging students and youth to participate in the main event in October.
  • IIGF 2021 will be held under the theme- “Inclusive Internet for Digital India”.

About IIGF?

IIGF, which stands for India Internet Governance Forum, is an Internet Governance policy discussion platform. IIGF is an Indian version of the Internet Governance Forum under the United Nations. It is organised with the aim of taking into account the aspirations of Indians at their International policy formation and stakeholder discussion. It also seeks to ensure the growth of broadband that adheres to the lifestyle and requirements of the Indian community. Indian version of IGF also adopts the multi-stakeholder concept to organize this event.

Coordination committee

The coordination committee of the IIGF is composed of representation from the Government, industrial association, civil society, industry, trust, and other stakeholders.

About IGF

IGF stands for Internet Governance Forum. It is a United Nations forum incorporating multi-stakeholder policy dialogue on issues related to Internet Governance. An announcement for the establishment of IGF was made in July 2006 by United Nations Secretary-General. After that, the first meeting was held in October-November 2006 in Athens in Greece. Since then, annual meetings are held

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