• NASA is developing a snake-like robot – EELS – which can boost space exploration through its diverse adaptability to various terrains.
  • EELS is capable of exploring internal and enclosed dynamic terrain structures to assess evidence for life.
  • The EELS architecture is a snake-like, self-propelled robot and made of multiple, identical, segments containing both the actuation and propulsion mechanisms as well as the power and communication electronics to drive them.
  • EELS uses first-of-a-kind rotating propulsion units that act as tracks, gripping mechanisms and propeller units underwater, enabling the robot to access a plume vent exit and follow it to its ocean source.
  • It’s special focus is on Encaladus, the sixth largest moon of Saturn.
  • Besides Enceladus, EELS system can explore Martian polar caps and descending crevasses in Earth’s ice sheets.
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