Cool roof policy

  • India’s first cool roof policy was recently announced by Telangana government to reduce the impact of heat on building.
  • Cool roof policy is mandatory for all government and non- residential commercial buildings.
  • It aims to make buildings thermally resilient and reduce their energy consumption.
  • Occupancy certificate would only be given after compliance.
  • A cool roof is mandatory for residential buildings that have a plot area of 600 sq yards or more. For those with a plot area of 600 sq yards or less, it is optional.
  • It enumerates three different materials to insulate the roof
    • Paints or liquids with high reflectivity (lime wash or white plastic coating),
    • Prefabricated material like poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) membranes or bitumen-based sheeting,
    • High albedo, ceramic mosaic tiles or shingles.
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