December 10, 2023

Why in news ?

China has launched the Long March 2F rocket transporting the Shenzhou-12 or Divine Vessel.


  • Shenzhou-12 is a manned mission. It is the third of the 11 missions that needed to complete China’s first Permanent space station, named Tiangong Space Station. Among these missions, four will be manned missions.
  • Working:
    • Shenzhou-12 is made up of three sections—an orbiter module, a return module and a propelling module.
    • It will carry three astronauts to the orbiting Tianhe core module. The astronauts will test the module’s technologies, including its life-support system.
    • Moreover, the men will also be monitored for how they fare in space physically and psychologically for an extended period of time.
  • Significance: Shenzhou-12 is China’sseventh manned mission to space and the first during the construction of China’s space station.
    • It is also the first in nearly five years after China’s manned mission in 2016.
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