May 30, 2024

India put out a dominant show as they win four gold and two bronze medals in the Asian Open Pickleball Championship in Vietnam.

  • Medals won in two men’s doubles, one mixed doubles, and one women’s doubles match.
  • Sachin Pahwa and Priyanka Chhabra secured gold in mixed doubles intermediate 35+.
  • Isha Lakhani and Pei Chuan Kao triumphed in women’s doubles open.
  • Aniket Patel and Rohit Patil claimed gold in men’s doubles.
  • Vijay Menon won the bronze medal
  • Priyanka Chhabra won the bronze medal in women’s singles.


  • Pickleball is a combination of tennis, table tennis, and badminton.
  • This is a fast-growing sport across the world and in the recently concluded Bengaluru Open 2024 more than 400 participants from 17 states participated.
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