May 29, 2024

Asian gracile skink


  • A new species of an Asian gracile skink has been discovered recently at Anaikatti hills, Coimbatore.


  • The New Species of Asian Gracile Skink has been named Subdoluseps nilgiriensis after Nilgiris. The species is closely related to Subdoluseps pruthi found in parts of the Eastern Ghats.
  • Features: The species has a slender body of just about 7 cm. It is sandy brown in colour. The unnoticeable limbs of skinks make them resemble snakes.
  • Protection Status: Subdoluseps nilgiriensis is currently considered a vulnerable species.
  • Significance: This species is only the third skink species discovered from mainland India in the last millennium.


  • Seasonal forest fires
  • Housing constructions and brick kiln industries in the area.

Rapid urbanisation has also increased the road networks in the area

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