June 16, 2024

  Arab league

  • Arab league members have readmitted Syria whose membership was suspended in 2011.

About Arab League

  • Arab League, also called League of Arab States (LAS) is a regional organization of Arab states in the Middle East and parts of Africa.
  • It is an intergovernmental pan-Arab organisation of Arab states in Middle East and North Africa.
  • It was established in Cairo on 22nd March 1945, following adoption of Alexandria Protocol in 1944.
  • The founding member states were Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.
    • Currently it has 22 Arab countries as members including Palestine, which the League regards as an independent state.
  • It was established in response to concerns about post-war colonial divisions of territory and also strong opposition to emergence of a Jewish state on Palestinian territory.
  • HQ- Cairo, Egypt.
  • Aim– To strengthen ties among member states, coordinate their policies and direct them towards a common good.
  • The highest body of the league is the Council, composed of representatives of member states, usually foreign ministers, their representatives or permanent delegates.
  • The League makes decisions on a majority basis, but there is no mechanism to compel members to comply with resolutions.
  • Each member has one vote on the Council, decisions being binding only on those states that have voted for them.
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