December 10, 2023

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has announced of the launch of a new company that will be solely focused on software developing for robots. The company has been named Intrinsic.


  • Intrinsic, the new robotic firm has been announced after years of work within “X”, the subsidiary of Alphabet which mainly functions as an incubator for all entrepreneurial and innovative ideas by putting together talents from the tech industry.
  • Wing, Waymo, Google Watch and Google Glass are some other companies that came out of X
  • Wendy Tan White has been appointed as the CEO of Intrinsic.
  • The company has been testing software’s in real-time mechanics that uses various techniques like deep learning, automated perception, motion planning, reinforcement learning, force control and simulation.
  • Intrinsic’s blog post doesn’t mention about the current workings of the company but it did list a range of industries that Intrinsic is looking into entering such as electronics, automotive and health care industries
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