Abhilekh patal

  • PM praised “Abhilekh patal” a portal with over 1 Crore Pages of Historical Records of National Archives.

About Abhilekh Patal

  • It is a full-featured web-portal to access National Archives of India’s (NAI) reference media and its digitized collections through internet.
  • It is an initiative of NAI to make its Indian Archival Records available to all.
  • It contains the reference media of more than 2.7 million files held by the National Archives of India.
  • Abhilekh is a Sanskrit term used in India for records since ancient times and Patal is a Sanskrit word meaning a board, platform, or a surface.
    • Combined, it is used as an acronym for Portal for Access to Archives and Learning.

The National Archives of India

  • NAI is an Attached Office of the Ministry of Culture and act as repository of non-current records of Government of India.
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